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Officiate Weddings in Las Cruces, New Mexico

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So, you’re tying the knot in the stunning setting of Las Cruces! Or maybe you’ve been invited to officiate a wedding ceremony. Congratulations! We can’t think of a more perfect location for a dreamy southwest-themed wedding than this serene desert oasis.

In our guide, we’ll outline the steps to getting married in New Mexico and the process for legally officiating a wedding in the state. Later, we’ll share additional tips to make sure your wedding in the Land of Enchantment is as magical as possible. But first, let’s take care of the legal necessities, starting with your officiant.

STEP 1: Get Ordained with American Marriage Ministries

Let’s begin with the ordainment process. In New Mexico, any ordained clergyperson can perform wedding ceremonies. If you’ve been asked to officiate a wedding but don’t have ministerial credentials, you can get ordained with AMM for free in just a few minutes!

According to the New Mexico Statutes Annotated § 40-1-2:

Once you’re ordained, you can legally perform weddings in the state—no additional minister registration is required. Now, the real work begins: preparing for the ceremony!

Begin Ordination

STEP 2: Prepare For Officiating in Doña Ana County

We can help you get ready for the wedding ceremony. Being asked to officiate is an honor, but it can also feel like a lot of pressure. You’ll find our wedding training pages invaluable—they’re a comprehensive library of information designed to help you prepare for your first ceremony and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Becoming ordained with AMM is indeed a straightforward process. As the designated wedding officiant, your next crucial step is to prepare for conducting the ceremony. In this role, there are two primary aspects you need to focus on:

  1. Non-Legal Duty – Officiating the Wedding Ceremony
  2. Legal Duty – Signing the Marriage License

Non-Legal Duties – Your non-legal duties encompass all performative aspects of the wedding ceremony. This involves crafting the ceremony script, preparing yourself to officiate the marriage, and deciding what to say during the ceremony.

To find answers to these questions and more, we recommend exploring the officiant training pages available on the American Marriage Ministries website. These resources thoroughly cover all significant aspects of officiating weddings, especially for first-time officiants. Additionally, for further insights into ceremony preparation, you can explore the following pages:

Remember, practice is key to perfection. The earlier you start and the more time you dedicate to rehearsal, the more confidently you’ll be able to officiate the wedding when the time comes.

Legal Duties – Your legal obligations primarily revolve around handling the marriage license. As the wedding officiant, your sole legal responsibility is to sign the marriage license on behalf of the couple. This straightforward task involves completing and signing a document, ensuring that all necessary legal requirements are met.

We understand the importance of ensuring the accurate completion of the marriage license. If you encounter any confusion regarding the fields on the marriage license, we encourage you to visit our page on “How to Fill Out a Marriage License” for comprehensive guidance.

STEP 3: Officiate the Wedding in Las Cruces

On the big day, you have two jobs. First and foremost, to perform the ceremony itself, but also to assist the couple in completing and notarizing the marriage license. It’s their responsibility to obtain it from the county clerk’s office prior to the wedding day. Give them a call a few days ahead of time to ensure they have picked it up.

After the ceremony, it’s your responsibility as the officiant to return the completed marriage license application to the Doña Ana County Clerk’s Office within 90 days of the ceremony date. It’s best not to leave this final task until the last minute because missing the deadline could require the couple to reapply for a marriage license or incur late fees.

How To Get Married in Las Cruces

First things first! Visit the Doña Ana County website to print off your marriage license application. Complete it with your partner. Then, you both can head down to the county clerk’s office at 845 N. Motel Blvd to obtain your actual marriage license.

When you go, remember to bring:

  • Completed marriage license application form
  • $25 marriage application fee
  • A valid form of government-issued ID (passport, driver’s license, etc.)

If you bring all of your required documents, they’ll hand you your marriage license on the spot, and you can even get married the same day! After the ceremony, your officiant will be responsible for returning the completed and notarized copy back to the county clerk’s office.

Weather in Mesilla Valley

Las Cruces boasts 320 days of sunshine per year, though temperatures vary greatly by season. The optimal weather in Las Cruces typically occurs between March and April and between September and November. During these times, the temperature is pleasantly warm without being too hot, and you don’t have to worry about heavy downpours, which are common in summer afternoons in the region.

If you are determined to have a summer wedding date, opting for an indoor venue with air conditioning is essential (but if you’re from the area, you’re likely already aware of this). The most popular wedding season in New Mexico is fall, so if you’re aiming to secure a good deal on a venue, note that this is when vendors will charge their highest rates.

Wedding Venues in Las Cruces

After narrowing down the season of your wedding, it’s time to inquire with venues about their availability. Las Cruces may be small, but its array of options might surprise you.

In the downtown area, there’s the Blue Door Venue, which features a courtyard and an indoor reception area; Rio Grande Vineyard & Winery, boasting lush, green vineyard fields against the backdrop of the Organ Mountains; and the Double Eagle, an ideal venue for a grand celebration that also offers its own catering services.

But if you want to take advantage of the natural beauty of the Mesilla Valley, consider having your ceremony in the great outdoors! You can exchange your vows amidst the rustic woodlands of Mesilla Valley State Park. For even more seclusion and a touch of otherworldly charm, you can even tie the knot in the Dripping Springs Natural Area.

If you’re looking for something a little less rustic and a bit more refined, but still want the charm of an outdoor wedding, consider the Red Hawk Golf Club. It offers an absolutely picturesque setting for your big day, set amidst the pristine greenery of the golf course.

Albuquerque Marriage License Info


  • Issuance Office: 845 N. Motel Blvd., Las Cruces
  • Fee: $25
  • Waiting Period: None
  • Expiration: 90 days
  • Return: by Officiant

It is incumbent upon the couple to apply for the New Mexico Marriage License. Below, you’ll find crucial details pertaining to applying for a marriage license in Maricopa County. For further clarification on terms such as “Waiting Period,” “Expiration,” and “Return,” please refer to the Marriage License Definitions page on the American Marriage Ministries website.

Are online ordained ministers recognized in Las Cruces?

Yes, online ordained ministers are typically recognized in New Mexico. The laws regarding who can officiate weddings vary by state, but in many cases, New Mexico recognizes individuals ordained through online organizations such as the American Marriage Ministries (AMM) as authorized wedding officiants. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the local county clerk’s office or registrar to confirm the specific requirements and ensure compliance with state laws.

How Do We Apply For A Marriage License In Las Cruces?

To apply for a marriage license in Las Cruces, New Mexico, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the application: Visit the Doña Ana County website to download and print the marriage license application form.
  2. Complete the application: Fill out the application form with your partner. Make sure to provide accurate and complete information.
  3. Gather required documents: Before heading to the county clerk’s office, ensure you have the following documents:
    • Completed marriage license application form
    • $25 marriage application fee
    • Valid government-issued ID (e.g., passport, driver’s license)
  4. Visit the county clerk’s office: Head to the county clerk’s office located at 845 N. Motel Blvd., Las Cruces, NM.
  5. Submit your application: Present your completed application form, required documents, and application fee at the county clerk’s office.
  6. Receive your marriage license: If all documents are in order, you’ll receive your marriage license on the spot.
  7. Get married!: Once you have your marriage license, you’re free to proceed with your wedding ceremony. Make sure your officiant is aware of their responsibilities regarding the marriage license.

Remember, the marriage license is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance, and it must be returned to the county clerk’s office by your officiant after the wedding ceremony for proper filing and recording.

What Forms Of Payment For The Marriage License Application Fee Are Accepted By The Doña Ana County Clerk’s Office?

The Doña Ana County Clerk’s Office typically accepts various forms of payment for the marriage license application fee. Commonly accepted forms of payment may include:

  1. Cash
  2. Check
  3. Money order
  4. Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)

It’s always a good idea to contact the county clerk’s office directly or visit their website to confirm accepted forms of payment, as policies may vary or change over time.